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Welcome to FrenchTranslationsPlus! I am a professional freelance translator and certified member of the ATA (American Translators Association). Originally from Paris, France, I now live and work in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.
For more information on my education, training, qualifications and specialty fields, please visit the “About page.


A native from Paris, France, where I got my Translation degree in English/French-Spanish from Paris III  Sorbonne Nouvelle University, I am also a Certified English teacher, I taught ESL in Paris for the French Department of Education for twelve years, &  hold a degree from the Sorbonne University to teach French as a foreign language. Earlier on in my translating career, after I moved here in the US, I Qualified as a WA state DSHS Medical Interpreter, which brought me many medical translations and that’s how I developed my first specialty field as a translator.


Medical: Medical devices, package inserts and labels, patient brochures, patient informed consent forms, clinical trials documentation, mental health evaluations, patient questionnaires, alternative medicines and therapies, holistic care,  cognitive psychology, mind/body medicine, Multiple sclerosis, anatomy, anatomy applied to ballet.

International development:
Experience translating for NGO’s & international organizations: (UN Women, USAID, Management Sciences for Health). Types of projects & media: PowerPoint presentations, press releases, manuals, training programs, subtitling documentaries.

Environment/ Ecology: Water management, waste management and waste disposal, industrial waste management, wetlands, green towns, green architecture, green building regulations, Air quality, reduction of emissions, solar energy, wind power, bio energy, bio fuels, biomass, geothermal energy, hydro power, wave and tidal energy.

Other working fields:                                                                                   

Websites, marketing material
PowerPoint presentations
Birth certificates, diplomas, transcripts
Manuals & labels


Translating, editing, proofreading, subtitling, voice recording.

Language classes: French classes online via Skype! Use the contact form on the “Contact” page to explain your language needs and plan for your first Skype meeting for evaluation.

Website creation: I created this website for myself, let me do that for you! Use the contact form on the “Contact” page if you need to have a website created for your business.

What I can do for your business:

– Provide you with professional, high quality translation of your content. Of course, you’d say. Well if you browse the internet every now and then, you’ll find legions of badly translated websites, that do more harm than good to the business they’re representing. The result can be hilarious at best, and in those cases the potential client will just walk away because the content doesn’t make sense.

– Help you increase your potential client base exponentially

– Help you gain more visibility and recognition worldwide

– Enhance your credibility

Why me?

– Besides being a professional translator, I’m a native speaker of French. In order to get high quality translations you need to hire a professional translator with all the education, qualifications, experience, and who translates into his/her native language.

– I have been a certified language teacher for many years, teaching English, then French, in France and in the U.S, I am therefore dedicated to providing high quality content.
No, any bilingual person cannot do a translator’s job. Professional translation requires education, training, experience, skills, and expertise that nothing replaces. What I provide is expertise, not only in my working languages, but in my specialty fields. (Please see the “About us” page for my specialty fields).

– Because I want to help you, that’s what service providers do. And because I’m extremely curious and I love what I do.

One detail that matters to you: This is a one woman business, so you don’t have to go through loops to get in touch with me in case you have questions or if there is a problem. Have you ever experienced trying to get in touch on the phone with a service provider and being  told to call back later because the one you needed to talk to was “in a meeting”? No secretary, I personally respond to phone calls and emails. I don’t outsource my work, I am the one and only resource person, and I consider it paramount to be accountable and available.

– Last but not least, just like you, I constantly try to grow my business by expanding globally, so I do have first hand experience in expanding as a business.

Ethics & Principles

Quality: What I do when I accept an assignment is to put my expertise at your service, to provide you with a translation that will read as if it had originally been written in the target language, not only a good technical translation, but one preserving style, with the target audience in mind.

Confidentiality: All documents I handle are considered confidential.

Responsibility/ Accountability: In your interest, I do not accept assignments that are beyond my capacity, and I do not subcontract to other translators. Please remember that your translator may be working on several projects, and that quality translation requires time. However once your project accepted, you will receive your document on time, that is my commitment.

Finally, research is part of my job, but if you have any information likely to help me better meet your expectations, such as glossaries, previous translations of similar documents, specific guidelines, target audience, etc, they are welcome.



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