Project List

Medical field
Subtitling & translation for dubbing:
– Subtitling of a series of videos about performance improvement and professional growth, change management and leadership development (cognitive psychology) for The Pacific Institute
– Subtitling an educational video (Science)
-Translation for subtitling of a series of videos for the WHO

-Subtitling of a series of documentaries for Jean Sebastien Brettes of Reeltag Productions, such as this one:

Medical translations:
Clinical trials:
– ICF for medication for metastatic squamous cell carcinoma
– ICF for Hypercholesterolemia medication 
– Clinical research agreement, 36 pages
– ICF’s of Interventional Management of Stroke (IMS III) Trials
– Safety and tolerability study of medication for advanced solid tumors and multiple myeloma
– Ethics in biomedical research documents
– PowerPoint presentation on Bioethics
– Survey about research on molecular blood typing methods
– Product concept, pharmaceutical 
– 31 pages imaging manual
– Documents on antibody testing
– 15 pages product description of medication for treatment of relapsed ovarian cancer and advanced soft tissue sarcoma
– Guidance documents on good clinical practice

Medical device:
-85 pages user manual of a medical device software (editing)
– Instructions for use of medical device 
– 25 pages manual on evaluation procedures (Optical)
– 90 slides PowerPoint presentation (optical examination procedures)
– 13 pages about Aneurysm embolization device
– Instructions for use of medical device for patients with COP

Medical, miscellaneous – Assessment of neuropsychological status
– Global behavior assessment scale
– PowerPoint presentation on Drug attitude inventory
– Motor side effects rating scales for anti-psychotic drugs
– PowerPoint presentation on Quality of Life Scale
– PowerPoint presentation on Subjective well-being under neuroleptic treatment scale
– PANSS (Positive and negative syndrome scale) interview
– PowerPoint presentation on Positive and negative syndrome scale (PANSS)
– Antidepressant treatment response questionnaire
– 74 pages survey on Biotherapy
– Medical records 
– Audiometry report
– Documents on strategic planning and policy development for HIV
– Series of manuals on cognitive therapy
– Subtitling of a series of videos on cognitive therapy for the injured
– Clinical exam forms
– Translation of exercise videos (yoga)
– Translation of medical books: Anatomy atlas.