Resilient work stations

My office when I was a liveaboard

The nice thing about being a freelance translator is that yes, we can work from anywhere. Though I may use my laptop when I’m travelling and often use my phone to email with my clients when on the move, my main work station remains my home office, which has been in several different locations in the past few years. My first years in the US I lived on a houseboat where I used my laptop, and also had an office on shore. Then I moved in town and had a home office installed in my living room, but soon found out if I wanted to work in peace I needed a dedicated room for an office. That was much better. Then I moved to live on a boat again and had my office on board.

Then 3 years ago I moved back ‘in town’, understand our tiny town of la Conner, Washington, in a regular home and installed a new home office. This one even includes a couch to get away from the computer or do some reading, have coffee. 

-But the best is the sit-stand desk I purchased about a year ago now, and I can say it makes a big difference on those days when I stay long hours on my computer. This is the best investment I made for my back and my neck, that used to get really sore. The one I chose has a bamboo top. I added a dual monitor arm for those times when I need to have source and target text side by side: One arm for the main monitor, one arm for the laptop. You can have a dual arm for 2 regular monitors too. I also got the casters to be able to move the desk easily, since I like sometimes to move things around.

My bamboo top adjustable sit-stand desk

Those desks exist with a hand crank or you can choose the electric version like I did. Some outfits also offer other types of wood for the top.

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